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    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
  • Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
  • Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne


in Troyes

Situated in the Aube region and only 2 hours from Paris, the city of Troyes is brimming with tourist treasures worth visiting.For example, admire its cathedral, its pretty timber-frame houses and its private mansions.

A rich historical and religious heritage

The city of Troyes’ prestigious past has endowed it with numerous historical relics. During a walk around the city, you can admire the Saint-Paul-et-Saint-Pierre Cathedral, a beautiful example of Gothic architecture, built between the 13th and 17th centuries. It has a magnificent glass roof and was listed as a Historical Monument in 1862. The Saint-Urbain Basilica is also worth visiting. This Gothic building, constructed from the 13th century, was listed as a Historical Monument in 1840.
Troyes is also known as the city of 10 churches. From the Sainte-Madeleine church to the Saint-Jean-au-Marché church, passing through the Saint-Pantaléon church, lovers of religious art have all they need. The history of Troyes is rich in a prestigious past and is not lacking in curiosities. The Templars, the Champagne Fairs... Everything to thrill lovers of history is here!

A museum city

Numerous museums are also on offer in Troyes. The Museum of Modern Art for example, which houses an impressive collection of artworks (from Gauguin to Matisse, passing through Delaunay and Courbet). It is situated in the old episcopal palace. Also to visit, two museums of popular arts and traditions: the Vauluisant Museum and the Tool and Trade Museum
They will allow you to learn more about local art and craftsmanship, their origins and evolution. Head off the beaten track and discover a quirky museum: the Aubois Museum of the History of Education. The chance to discover or rediscover teaching and education conditions of the past.

A city and its districts

While wandering around the city of Troyes’ streets, you will discover the great diversity of its districts. The exuberant Champagne Fairs district welcomes, as its name suggests, numerous fairs throughout the year. True open-air spectacles, they showcase local craftsmanship, local products and the lively culture. The Les Halles district, for its part, is the commercial heart of the city. Worth visiting especially for the Hôtel de Ville and the chance to walk in its medieval streets, punctuated by beautiful Haussman-style buildings.

Troyes and water, a grand love story! And the Canal district is an illustration of this. Walk along its riverbanks, and enjoy the beauty of its wells and fountains. Lovers of art and religious buildings should not forget to go to the Arts district, situated in the south of the city.

What to eat in Troyes?

Why not tempt yourself with the Andouillette of Troyes, an ancestral regional dish? Also enjoy the rich tastes of local products: Mussy cheese, Prunelle de Troyes liqueur, Cacibel...

Of course, Troyes is also a champagne region, and it would be sacrilege not to tempt yourself with a small taste of this delicious beverage...

A bustling city

Numerous festivals and events are organised throughout the year in Troyes. Festivals, such as for example ‘Guitares au Monde’ or the International Short Film Festival, but also fairs (Ham Fair, Sauerkraut Festival...), flea markets, concerts, markets, workshops...

Activities in Troyes

There is no shortage of activities in Troyes! Bike trips, canoeing, archery, horse riding, swimming... There’s something for everyone! During the evening, head to the cinema to see the latest film or challenge your friends to a game of bowling. Then end the evening on a high in one of the city’s many bars!