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  • Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
  • Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
  • Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne
    Brit Hotel Comtes de Champagne

in Troyes

Situated in the Aube region and only 2 hours from Paris, the city of Troyes is brimming with tourist treasures worth visiting.For example, admire its cathedral, its pretty timber-frame houses and its private mansions.

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What to do around our hotel in Troyes ?

The prestigious past of the city of Troyes has left it with many historic remains.

During a walk near our hotel in Troyes, admire in particular the Cathédrale Saint-Paul-et-Saint-Pierre, a beautiful Gothic building constructed between the 13th and 17th centuries. It has a magnificent glass roof and was listed as a Historic Monument in 1862. The Basilica of Saint-Urbain is also worth a visit. This Gothic church, built in the 13th century, was listed as a Historic Monument in 1840. Troyes is also known as the city of 10 churches. From the church of Sainte-Madeleine to the church of Saint-Jean-au-Marché, via the church of Saint-Pantaléon, lovers of religious art will be well served during their stay in Troyes. Troyes has a rich history with a prestigious past and no shortage of curiosities. The Knights Templar, the Champagne Fairs... everything is there to delight history buffs!

De nombreux musées sont également à découvrir à proximité de notre hôtel de Troyes. Le Musée d'Art Moderne par exemple, qui accueille une collection impressionnante d’œuvres d'art (de Gauguin à Matisse, en passant par Delaunay et Courbet). Il est situé dans l'ancien palais épiscopal. À visiter également, deux musées d'arts et traditions populaires : le Musée de Vauluisant et la Maison de l'Outil de la Pensée Ouvrière. Ils vous permettront d'en savoir davantage sur l'art et l'artisanat local, ses origines et ses évolutions. Sortez également des sentiers battus en découvrant un musée insolite : le Musée Aubois de l'Histoire de l'Education. L'occasion de découvrir ou redécouvrir les conditions d'enseignement et d'éducation d'autrefois.

Troyes' famous districts

Take a stroll through the streets of Troyes and you'll realise just how diverse its districts are.

The lively Foires de Champagnes district, as its name suggests, hosts numerous fairs throughout the year. A real open-air spectacle, they showcase local crafts, local produce and living culture, just a stone's throw from our hotel in Troyes. The Halles district is the commercial heart of the city. It's a great place to admire the town hall and stroll through the medieval streets lined with beautiful Haussmann buildings. Troyes and water are a great love story! The Canal district is a perfect illustration of this. Stroll along its banks and enjoy the beauty of its wells and fountains. Lovers of art and religious buildings will not want to miss the Arts district, in the south of the town.

Enjoy the comfort of our 2, 3 or 4 star hotels throughout France
Enjoy the comfort of our 2, 3 or 4 star hotels throughout France

Gastronomy and specialities in Troyes

Why not try the andouillette de Troyes, an ancient regional dish? You can also enjoy the rich flavours of the local produce: Mussy cheese, Prunelle de Troyes, Cacibel, etc. Of course, Troyes is also a champagne-producing region, and it would be sacrilege not to indulge in a little tasting of this delicious beverage...

Numerous festivals and events are organised throughout the year in Troyes. These include festivals such as Guitares au Monde and the Festival du Film Court, as well as fairs such as the Foire au Jambon and the Fête de la Choucroute, flea markets, concerts, markets and workshops.

There's no shortage of activities close to our hotel in Troyes! Cycling, canoeing, archery, horse-riding, swimming... there's something for everyone!

In the evening, go to the cinema to see the latest film or challenge your friends to a game of bowling. Then round off the evening in style in one of the town's many bars!

Activities in Troyes






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